Vectar is expanding trading activities within new energy markets in Central and Eastern Europe. We have current market shares in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Greece and Denmark as:

  • Market participant
  • Bilateral agreements operator
  • Balance responsible party

Its core activity consists in negotiating and finalizing purchase and sale contracts for the physical delivery of electricity, as well as power derivatives contracts.

Vectar Trading main counterparties are:

  • Electricity producers
  • International traders
  • International power exchanges
  • Network operators

Vectar trading strategies are based on:

  • Market Analysis
  • Market analysis and sound trading strategies are key elements for Vectar Trading constant growth. The analysis of key market issues, future developments and price forecasts are some of the Trading Area's activities.

  • Risk management strategies
  • Vectar Trading follows a strict policy for managing price-related, market, regulatory and operational risks. Particular attention is given to the risk posed by non-compliance on the part of counterparties by adjusting financial exposure limits in accordance with market conditions and on the basis of existing contracts with single counterparties.