Natural Gas

It is hard to imagine living our everyday lives or our economy without natural gas and electricity.

Natural gas is a combustible gas that, just like crude oil, is produced from underground deposits. Given that it has an origin similar to that of crude oil, natural gas is often found together with this "black gold".

Depending on the region of production, distinctions are made between different natural gas qualities based on varying chemical compositions. However, all forms of natural gas share one common feature: They all feature methane as their main component. Natural gas often contains relatively large proportions of different hydrocarbons (alkanes) such as ethane, propane, butane, and pentane. Other components can include hydrogen sulphides and carbon dioxide.

A better way to buy gas

As liberalised gas markets have picked up in liquidity over the past couple of years, participants along the entire value chain have seen opportunities expand significantly. We believe in these markets and their ability to improve transparency, ensure fair competition, and create natural price settings based on true supply and demand principles. We buy and sell gas night and day, all year round and help our customers to benefit from the potentials of the market without compromising on security of supply.